Colon Hydrotherapy
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Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle procedure to remove waste from the large intestine without the use of harsh drugs and laxatives. It releases accumulated congestion in the bowel. We use an FDA approved open system device that infuses triple filtered, temperature regulated water into the colon with sanitized disposable tubes. The waste is softened and loosened resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis.
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Are You Clean On The Inside?
How do I know if I need a colonic?
Today's lifestyle is filled with toxins. As we eat, drink and breathe, we are processing toxins. Not to mention, medications, alcohol, smoking, and environmental stress. Our bodies can only process a certain amount of toxins. Many people know the benefits and resort to detoxification therapies. These may include massage, fasting, cleansing diets, and of course, colon hydrotherapy. We brush our teeth, wash our hair, change the oil in our car and replace the filters in our air conditioners.  Doesn't it make sense that our bodies need maintenence also? 
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Health Begins In The Colon!
A healthy colon is esessential for your overall wellbeing. The colon is more than just a tube for the food you eat to pass through on its way out; it is a key part of the digestive process. When the colon stops functioning properly, digestion becomes disrupted and the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body depends on to grow and thrive are no longer absorbed. An unhealthy colon is also less able to expel toxins. The colon's primary job is absorbing the leftover water to condense soft byproducts into solid waste. The colon also takes in water-tied nutrients such as electrolytes. The colon and small intestine can absorb dangerous toxins and, unfortunayely, these toxins are the root cause of most degenerative disease.